Dr. Carole Boyce Davies joined us this morning for a discussion of the life, work and continuing relevance of Claudia Jones.  Boyce-Davies’ book, Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones, provided us a nice basis from which to discuss primarily, as she writes, “Recovering the Radical Black Female Subject,” along with other topics such as internal colonialism, communism and radical pan-Africanism.  We also talked briefly about the current state Black/Africana Studies as we also looked to pay tribute to the real politics of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

3 thoughts on “Claudia Jones: Left of Karl Marx with Dr. Carole Boyce Davies

  1. Jared thank you for sharing. I appreciated two points Dr. Davies made: one, that more work needs to be done on the fifties and two, that a lot of Caribbean migrant parents (like mine) come to America and emphasize studying the traditional disciplines over the important africana studies discipline which has, as Dr. Davies said, helped make a place for Black students. Ms. Jones was radicalized by Scottsboro. There was no analysis like that from the Communists. Powerful interview.


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