We paid tribute to Hugo Pinell and Black August and welcomed Askia Muhammad back to the show.  And special thanks to the Freedom Archives for their audio tribute to Pinell!

2 thoughts on “Hugo Yogi Pinell and A State of Our Struggle

  1. Bro Dr Ball’s IMO Absolutely right. The real question is should BLM even bother having a conversation re: what’s in the ‘heart’ of someone w the track-record of Killary [I Came, I Saw, He died. Ha, ha, ha!] Clinton! In fact this same question could be asked re: Bernie Sanders, whom Paul Street calls merely a ‘nominal’ ‘independent socialist’ who’s effectively been a De-Facto DIM for at-least the past 20 yrs I doubt that BLM folks will even try to confront any Repug candidates about saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ [which some may even be poly-trickally shrewd enough to say so on the record]- for at-least 2 reasons: 1} It’s unlikely they’d even get close enough to disrupt any Repugs, before being dragged-off by security &/or even the Repugs’ lily-white crowd -&- 2} What would be the point, considering the long track-record of Repugs mainly appealing to affluent Whites & [NOT So] ‘thinly disguised ‘White Racists’ ala “Tricky Dick’s” ‘Southern Strategy’, along w Evangelical WHITES!!!
    But the fact is the Billary Clinton’s long track-record of appealing to Black, Brown & working-class folks [= the Dim traditional voter base] on one hand, while cynically KNIFING Them in the BACK on the other is so well established [via NAFTA, Slick Willy’s Crime Bill {which the BLM guy did ask her about} & Welfare DeForm law, Billary’s seat on Wal-Mart’s Board –plus- The Billary Clinton’s role in reeking havoc in/on Haiti, Honduras, Libya, Rwanda, Congo, etc…] – What’s really the point of the BLM folks asking Killary [I came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!] Clinton, what’s in her ‘heart’??! What the HELL Else does she have to SAY &/or DO to let them know what EVIL lies in her ‘heart’- assuming she even has one??!! After all it ain’t like MS Billary Clinton’s new to the US national political scene ala Obama in 2008. The Billary Clintons have got a long shady poly-trickal track-record going back to shady-dealings in [Mena] AR in the 1980s [can we say ‘crack’ entry point]. Thus why would the BLM folks even bother trying to ‘confront’ Billary [& ended-up getting ‘schooled’ by her], as if she someone true progressives & radicals should even consider supporting??!! Or is this just some PR stunts??!!


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