Jamilah Lemieux joined us to discuss her recent article, “White Critics and Rap Fans Love ‘Straight Outta Compton;’ But They’re Missing Half the Story.

6 thoughts on “Straight Outta Women! The Missing Pages of the NWA and Compton Tale

  1. I’m going to start donating 10% of my profit from selling dvd’s in the parking lot to the community so that I can be a part of the new business paradigm. The lack of understanding of political economy is astounding. Business school drivel reigns supreme.


  2. (2 thoughts)
    Feminists don’t have a problem with violence against men.

    Charity is still capitalism. Liberation will not come by way of black capitalism. However; if I’m wrong, then black people should sell their goods and services to upper, middle class, whites. That’s supply and demand. That’s what the Chinese and Italians did.Those individuals who don’t like that scenario should probably rethink their support for black capitalism.


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