The following mixtape features just some of the many brilliant and provocative people who convened at the All Power to the People conference in Chicago May 27-28 organized by Dr. Barbara Ransby.

Track List:

    1. Barbara Ransby p.1
    2. Las Cafeteras- Movement Time
    3. Barbara Ransby p.2
    4. Maisi Ball – Interlude
    5. Oddisee – That’s Love
    6. Ayoka Turner
    7. Sendolo Diaminah
    8. Beverly Guy-Sheftall
    9. Maimouna Youssef – We’re Already Royal
    10. Jamala Rogers
    11. Adrienne Maree Brown
    12. Kandace Montgomery
    13. Elzhi – Detroit State of Mind
    14. Kristian Davis Bailey
    15. Rian Brown
    16. David Stovall
    17. Thenjiwe McHarris
    18. Ashley Woodard Henderson
    19. Merry Clayton – Southern Man
    20. Darnell L. Moore
    21. Janaya Khan aka Future
    22. Bryant Brown
    23. Shamara Wyllie Alhassan
    24. Ka’Ba – Winter In America /Gil Scott Heron (Remix)
    25. Dara Cooper
    26. Cornel West
    27. The Cornel West Theory – Cotton Pickaz
    28. Busta Rhymes – Everybody Rise




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