Dr. Iyelli Ichile returned to discuss the film Get Out from her particular perspective of and preferred frame of Africana history and womanhood.


6 thoughts on “Get Out Goes In (2) – Africana Womanhood and History

  1. Saw the movie. Good analysis, can we get Anthony Browder on the program? Browder usually gives an in depth cultural/historical analysis, though he was unable to correctly peep Obama in ’08.


  2. Deep. The anecdote about the white woman who asked the black woman, “How did it feel to have a win?”, (upon leaving the film ‘Get Out’) is profound. It deepens the indictment of whiteness (liberal~conservative et al) as it constructs itself. There is an ahistorical(?) conviction it (whiteness) has that they will be sufferers by our liberation. A small win, a big win, a total win..no matter. And that is proto. Can we get around that? i want to know. i give thanks for the media. Cry Bluud Afrika.

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