Jared Ware and Chuck Modiano joined us to discuss Ware’s latest story, “LAWSUIT MAY SERVE AS TEMPLATE FOR CHALLENGING FORCED IMMIGRANT LABOR IN PRIVATE PRISONS.”

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One thought on “A New Challenge to Prison Enslavement

  1. This spot w/Chuck Mofo & JayB is so important!! I’ll amp this b/c the Certification for Class Action is HUGE✊🏾 When I was with BOP way back in the ’80’s Privat/Prison Industry was supposed to be all about Re-Entry skill training & paying Prevailing wages!!! Pilot programs included Best Western reservations Customer Service where inmates handled everything up to CC numbers! At the time CT Prison Assoc arranged Computer training classes inside the wall 🙃 We can point to ALL that to demonstrate WHY the current model is Cruel & Unusual!! Great broadcast Fellas!👏🏾👏🏾


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